External Partnerships: Employers and Public Health Working Together Toward Improving Worksite and Community Health

Course Overview


Welcome to External Partnerships. This course, led by a team of expert instructors, was first introduced at The Institute 2011, a nationwide conference for state-level public health professionals held in Atlanta, Georgia. The in-person course has been adapted into easy-to-navigate, online modules with video, handouts, and links to other resources. The course can be viewed in its entirety or one module at a time at your convenience. It will take around three hours to review the entire course including supplemental readings. You may take the course by yourself or gather with colleagues to view the modules together. We hope you enjoy this dynamic experience!

Course Introduction

External Partnerships is led by:

This course will explore the value exchange between non-traditional partners and state Diabetes Prevention and Control Programs (DPCPs). While the course uses diabetes-specific examples, the content is applicable to all state-level public health professionals. Using the business community as a prime example of non-traditional partnerships, participants will learn how to communicate with employers and understand each other’s language, explore how to use non-traditional external partners as effective policy change agents, as well as gain knowledge of comprehensive worksite wellness initiatives.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Begin the Course

Course Prework


This article provides an overview of public private partnerships and a foundational understanding to build upon during the course.

This Guide provides examples from Kansas City employers of applying policies and engaging in evidence based practices related to healthy eating.

Optional Activity: Market Research

After reading the above, identify two communities/regions in your state where you would consider engaging the business community in public health efforts.

Course Modules

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